Monday, November 12, 2012

My Kind of People!!!

Tonight I had my first team meeting at work and one of the girls I shadowed yesterday invited me to a hang out at her house with other people we worked with. And one of the things I hoped that when I got a job was that I would meet people that I could hang out with and make friends with since I didn't seem to do that when I first moved to school. I did!
We geeked on with each other. When I first got there I was offered a beer and watched as guys played Pokemon and geekiness issued and we ended up watching the Avengers. It was totally awesome! I was really excited! And as I was hanging out some of the guys there smoked fags to so, it was like the cherry on top!
I really enjoyed myself. I was nervous going in since I didn't know anyone other then the one girl that invited me and I had fun! I just hope that I can continue to hang out with them so I can actually make friends. Since I seem to have a really hard time making friends with people that are into the same things that I am. I just really hope that I don't mess things up like I normally seem to when I meet new people!


  1. awwwwwwh sounds like fun

    i have the same problem but always make sure you are yourself.reading about you,you are a very friendly girl =)

    best wishes and happiness

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  2. Greetings! :) I'm following you from the Swap-Bot's Follow Me #8 swap! My name there is SilverHealer.


  3. Good luck! I have the same problem. I think taking it a bit slowly can help, rather than jumping right in. But then, I'm "different," so I might be scaring them away. =0)

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  4. That's cool that you have work friends. I agree with MissLDEARTS. You seem friendly but don't forget to be yourself.

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  5. That's great! Sounds fun, reading through your blog I think we're a lot alike and you seem really nice :)

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  6. Geekiness is awesome and I approve of Pokemon :P
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  7. It's always nice when you can find folks that are like yourself to hang out with. Sometimes being geeky without having to worry about what others think is the best thing.

    Stephanie - follow me #8

  8. That sounds great, you won't mess up, just be yourself! From what I've read I think you sound like a lovely girl. Besides pokemon and avengers sound like heaven to me! :)
    Washi ~ swapbot

  9. It's great that you found a "gang" you can hangout with. All the best with your job.

    rtwong (Follow Me #8)

  10. Hi, I know your situation and I´m happy that you met new people. I hope some of these guys are your friends now. :)
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  11. That's cool you've made friends. For some, that is an impossible myself LOL

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